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Dogs Needing a Home

  • Harley
  • Alfie
  • Alfie & Reggie - Both rehomed
  • Harley


    Harley is a wonderful friendly 2 year dog but quite boisterous.

    Loves other dogs, is strong on the lead and would suit a home with older or no children.

    Gets bored easily and would need a lot of attention so would suit dedicated training programmes and owner attention. Ignore him and you will regret it (his words not ours)

    • Nature: Boisterous
    • Colour: Black
    • Male
    • Age: 2 years old
    •  Micro-chipped & vaccinated, if not castrated, highly recommended that he is.
  • Alfie


    No it is not a small pony. This is Alfie. 52 KG Alfie!

    5 Years old and extremely strong. Think, looks of Brad Pitt with the size of Brian Blessed.

    This dog mountain, is extremely strong and all muscle. Strongly recommend a home without children or edible furniture. Needs training and constant attention.

    Bit of a wuss, he doesn't like being on his own and gets separation anxiety.

    • Nature: Somewhere between ox and scaredy cat. Comes with a tail warning
    • Colour: Yellow
    • Male
    • Age: 5 Years Old
    • Castrated, Micro-chipped & vaccinated
  • Alfie & Reggie - Both rehomed

    Alfie & Reggie - Both rehomed

    Father and Son team Alfie and Reggie. Alfie is the cute yellow chap and his son Reggie is the chocolate 3 year old standing next to him.

    They are both wonderful dogs and would ideally be rehomed together as they have such a wonderful bond. They are great with children so would be perfect as family pets.

    Fantastic company and good with other dogs. They enjoy play, food, balls and doing crosswords together (I may have made that last bit up)

    • Nature: Friendly
    • Colour: Golden and Chocolate
    • Male
    • Age: 5 years and 3 years
    •  Castrated, Micro-chipped & vaccinated


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Labrador Rescue Kent & Borders
Registered Charity No. 1067495
Telephone 01580 720408

Head Office
1 Wheatfield Close
TN17 3NA

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