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Although some or all of the dogs may be showing as rehomed, we are always receiving requests for dogs to be given up for adoption.  If you would like to put on a waiting list to adopt a Labrador, please use the contact button below.  We can then make contact with you and a visit will be arranged for you with one of our co-ordinators so that they can assess your home.  This is essential to make sure it is dog friendly. It is far better to do this prior to taking on a Labrador, than have a situation where a week later the dog is returned to us because it doesn't fit in with your lifestyle or your house or garden is too small.



Dogs Needing a Home

  • Millie
  • Paddy - Rehomed
  • Duke - Rehomed
  • Marley - Rehomed
  • Millie


    Millie is a young 21 month year old Brown Lab.

    She doesn't like being on her own and is very reliant on people to be with her. She needs training, socialising and patience. So please consider Millie who is a lovely girl and you can put the time in to teach her that a lead is not a signal to 'pull'.

    • Nature: Little needy, but lovely
    • Colour: Brown
    • Female
    • Age: 21 months old
    • Micro-chipped, spayed & vaccinated
  • Paddy - Rehomed

    Paddy - Rehomed

    Paddy the juvenile delinquent.

    Is exactly how Paddy came described to me, and it is easy to understand why. Paddy is 18 months old and well into the door slamming stage of his teenage years.

    But difficult to get angry at such a wonderful friendly young dog. He is solidly built and you will know it if he charges into you at speed.

    Needs training and a little introduction on social niceties, such as how to behave in public and when to tidy his room.

    Hasn't been with children and is still very boisterous so probably not suited to a young family. Mouths, and jumps up, so a bit of patience will be essential. Doesn't like getting into cars but is perfectly relaxed once in.

    I would describe Paddy as 'a work in progress'. Will make someone a lovely pet and companion.

    • Nature: Enthusiastic
    • Colour: Golden
    • Male
    • Age: 18 months
    • Micro-chipped & vaccinated, not castrated
  • Duke - Rehomed

    Duke - Rehomed

    This is Duke , he is eighteen months old, vaccinated chipped and castrated.

    He is good with people and with other dogs. He is well trained and obedient most of the time, however he does have food aggression. He is okay with his own food and gentle when you give him treats, but he will snatch food from the work surfaces, tables, even from your hand - my wife says that sounds like me!!

    All joking aside, when he does this, he will growl and will not give the food back. Unfortunately there is no warning when he does this so he would definitely be better in an experienced home and with no children, whilst this learned behaviour is reversed with patient training.

    • Nature: Hungry
    • Colour: Black
    • Male
    • Age: 18 Months Old
    • Micro-chipped & vaccinated, castrated
  • Marley - Rehomed

    Marley - Rehomed

    Forget any preconceptions about Labradors called Marley, i.e. jumping out of cars, wrecking the house, demanding film star red carpet treatment – this Marley is a poppet!

    He is 4 years old, has lived with another dog and is good with people. He is vaccinated, chipped and castrated.

    However, Marley has fits so we are looking for a quiet home on his own, with no small children as they may find the fits upsetting.

    He is on of 1.5 pills a day and the medication means that the fits are minor. Anyone who has owned a dog with epilepsy knows that whilst it can be upsetting to see these occur, once they are over, the dogs are back to their usual selves relatively quickly. We wouldn’t give up on a human with epilepsy, so why do it to a dog?

    We have a couple who adopted one of our LRK dogs who has epilepsy and he has been with them for over 6 years now and they would be happy to give advice/guidance from their perspective if this helps. LRK would also be prepared to assist with medication costs if this was an issue.

    • Nature: Wonderful
    • Colour: Golden
    • Male
    • Age: 4 Years Old
    • Castrated, Micro-chipped & vaccinated


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Registered Charity No. 1067495
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