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LRK meets Royalty!

Discover dogsLabrador Rescue Kent had a stand at this years Discover Dogs show in London's ExCel exhibition centre.

Discover Dogs is an annual show sponsored by Eukanuba to showcase all the different breeds to those thinking of getting dogs or simply looking to learn more about them.

Representing Labradors was of course Labrador Rescue Kent.

Met with great interest by HRH Prince Michael of Kent (pictured).

LRK 2016 Summer Fayre - Stockbury

jim sue barney1

Thank you to all who attended our Summer fayre this year at Stockbury.

Congratulations to all who win awards inthe competitions and a special congratulations to Jim and Sue Pictured here with Barney holding the Linda Gemmel award for the most challenging adoption. We wish them all the very best and hope Barney fully recovers soon.

In the meantime we have attached photos very kindly donated by Amanda Collins for view on this site and any and all photos can be purchased directly from Amanda. 








Family and Friends

Stockbury show - Family and friends

Close Ups of Dogs

Stockbury show - 'Up close and personal!'


Stockbury show - the puppies!


Smiley Shots

Stockbury show - smiley shots


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Show Ground & Birds of Prey

Stockbury show - Early morning shots of showground and birds of prey



- Regional charity aims to set a Kent record at sponsored walk in May –

Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders (LRK) is calling on all Labradors and their owners in Kent (south London and East Sussex) to help make its sponsored dog walk on Saturday, 16 May, the biggest official gathering of Labradors in Kent.

“We know that there are many Labrador owners in Kent and would like to invite them to come and support us and perhaps make a record at the same time” says LRK trustee Caroline Halford.
The world record for the largest single breed dog walk is 700 Labradors and was set in Poland in 2010.

“Whilst we don’t think we will be able to break that record, we would like to set a Kent record instead!” added Caroline.

The LRK sponsored walk at Bewl Water on Saturday 16 May at 9.30am and promises to be fun for all humans and canines. LRK is asking for people


 to come and walk their dogs around the course (13 miles).

Owners need to register on the LRK website at, a sponsorship form will then be emailed back to you or you can sign up to the LRK Justgiving website.
“Most dog owners walk their dogs twice a day and probably clock up at least an hour of exercise” says LRK trustee Caroline Halford, “dog owners tend to be a fit bunch so come and support us and help raise money for those pooches who through no fault of their own need to be re-homed.”

The Cranbrook and Tunbridge Wells offices of estate agency Savills is supporting the event, commenting on the sponsored walk Sarah Simmonds of the Cranbrook office “Savills is delighted to sponsor Labrador Rescue Kent, this is a very worthwhile cause which is close to our “paws”.

Labrador Rescue Kent and borders Just giving site is up and running, please make a donation. 


With the growing trend for UK children to celebrate Halloween, Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders (LRK) is recommending that dog owners take steps to protect their pets.

Halloween can be frightening for family dogs, as they are not used to seeing people in costumes. Make sure that your dog is walked before the trick or treaters come knocking at your door. Ensure that your dog is kept inside, and in a safe and secure place. If you do open the door, make sure that your dog cannot run out or keep him on a lead. “You would not want him to bolt out of the front door and into a road and get hit by a car” warns LRK trustee Maggie Hinks

As with Easter time do not let your dogs near the sweet bowl.. Not only can chocolate kill, but sweet wrappers can cause choking and intestinal obstruction.

Carved pumpkins can look very pretty but make sure they are out of reach and cannot be knocked over by an agitated animal.

It might be tempting to dress up your dog in costume but they can annoy animals and pose health and safety hazards. If you do put your dog into costume make sure it can breathe, see and hear. If possible avoid masks on your pet. Remove any small or dangly accessories that could be chewed or swallowed.

“All we want to do is to remind owners to be sensible with their pets and to consider what might happen and also for those who are trick or treating with their children to be aware of how an animal might react if scared. At this time of the year vets do see an increase in the number avoidable accidents” concludes Maggie Hinks.




funday1About seventy dogs of all breeds (but mostly Labradors) attended Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders (LRK) Summer Fayre at Wye yesterday, Sunday 27 July.  Officially opened by the Mayor of Ashford, John Link, the fayre sprang into action with its dog show.

For a few hours dogs and owners were able to enjoy the summer sunshine whilst supporting the fund raising activities of LRK – the raffle, the silent auction, the tombola for kids and adults, over the bale races and hide and seek games for the dogs, as well as the delicious home-made cream teas, and BBQ.  Nearly £4K was raised.

Master of ceremonies Matthew Kearsey-Lawson,head chef and managing director of award winning Kent Fine Foods kept the crowds entertained with his witty banter and amusing tales.

Commenting on the fayre, LRK trustee Maggie Hinks says: It was so nice to see so many of our rescue dogs with their new owners and to see that they have found their forever homes.  We are so pleased with the money that we have raised and would like to thank all our volunteers and everyone who attended the fayre.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. 

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Maggie Hinks on 01580 720408



Over the bales winner 

Cookie a chocolate Labrador owned by Kirsty

Dog show winners

Best Veteran  Bella owned by Irene Senner

Best Youngster & BIS - Asbo owned by Betty

Best 6 legs  Molly owned by Brian

Waggiest Tail Bert a black Labrador owned by Yasmine Marcar (Bert has won this category now for four years and has been runner up for two)

Best Rescue & we think RBIS Luna owned by Gerald

Dog Most Like Its Owner  Bailey owned by MaureenAlison

Best Fancy Dress Henry owned by Colin Etherton

Sausage & Spoon  Dash owned by Jayne Ralph

Note to editor:

Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders is a Registered Charity (No. 1067495) formed in 1997 which aims to recover, rehabilitate and rehome any Labrador Retriever in the county of Kent and its borders that has been ill treated, neglected or whose owners can no longer keep it.

For further information please contact:  Kirsty Botting on 0208 672 9550 or 07970 802745./ Maggie Hinks on 01580 720408 / Caroline Halford on 01732 832200

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