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You don't want a hot dog!


With Bank holiday travel chaos predicted, Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders (LRK) urges dog owners travelling with their pets to ensure that they and their hounds are prepared for travel.

Make sure your pet is confined to the rear of the car or in a purpose built travelling cage or dog guard.  Smaller dogs can be clipped in with a special harness attached to a seat belt. The one thing you do not want is a loose dog in the car, says LRK trustee Maggie Hinks, It not only distracts the driver but it is at risk from injury itself if the driver needs to break suddenly.

If the weather hots up, remember to bring plenty of water so that your dog can rehydrate and stop frequently for fresh air.  “When you park your car, park in the shade and do not leave your dog in the car as this can lead to heat stroke and death.”  Adds Maggie.

If a dog has heatstroke it will be distressed, collapse and have convulsions.  Seek veterinary help immediately, cool the dog down by wrapping it in a wet towel, give the dog water, and put the dog in a cool place.

To sum up  when travelling with dogs

*confine your dog  *bring plenty of water  * stop for fresh air  *keep cool

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Labrador Rescue Kent & Borders
Registered Charity No. 1067495
Telephone 01580 720408

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