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Why we need donations

Lexi's Story

*Update November 2018: Back in October when we first published information about Lexi's story, we were so lucky that our loyal supporters and their friends rallied round and we had donations towards the treatment.  We then got a massive boost to our funds from the fabulous Jules at LUKAG (Labrador UK Action Group).  Jules set up a Just Giving page and the donations, including gift aid, raised an amazing £1,200.  This really helps towards the cost of Lexi's treatment at Fitzpatrick's so a massive thank you goes out to our lovely friends and their supporters at LUKAG.  To read Lexi's story please see below...

Back in September 2018, we had a call from the owner of a Black working Lab to say that she had fallen out of the back of a truck and had damaged her back and her back legs.

As she was a working Lab, it was either a one-way trip to the vets for her if we couldn’t help. We couldn’t say no so Lexi came to us and found a home with one of our amazing helpers, Mick. On visiting his vet, they decided that Lexi needed to be referred to Fitzpatricks to assess the damage.

Arriving at Fitzpatricks

So along they went, not sure who was more scared – Mick or Lexi!
Im scared sick
Fortunately, the nerves were still intact so they didn’t need to operate. She will always drag her back leg and will need medication for the pain in future years as she gets older.
Me on Film

Lexi’s days of working may be over, but you can be sure that she has found her forever home with a loving owner.
My new home

Sometimes we don’t know what condition a dog will be in when they arrive and what looks like a perfectly healthy dog on the outside, may have issues inside. But, whatever state they are, we at Lab Rescue will always do our utmost to help where we can.

The bill for Lexi’s scans was £1,600 so that’s why we are always so grateful for your donations.

With Christmas approaching, usually our busiest time of the year when owners decide they can’t keep their dogs, if you can spare anything, please donate online here – thank you for your support.



Albie's Story

Christmas is coming and your donations would be appreciated. Here’s why:

People often ask what we use donations for. Here is one example about Albie’s story.

Albie needing a cuddleAlbie was rehomed by Lab Rescue to a lovely young couple in July 2017. He was not vaccinated and the couple made an appointment with the vets to get him checked over and vaccinated. As soon as that was done they were going to insure him.

Albie appeared to be a normal friendly dog so we were shocked by the vet’s report. Both his back hocks were in a very bad condition and he also appeared to have bad hips. X -rays were arranged and they showed bits floating about in one hock, the other worn away and hip dysplasia in his left hip.

Our immediate reaction was that Lab Rescue would take Albie back, but the family had fallen in love with him and wanted to keep him. They were prepared to do whatever was necessary to make him more comfortable and as pain free as possible. We offered our help and support, as this was going to be a long and expensive process. Lab Rescue paid for his X-rays and Albie is now having a course of hydrotherapy. He is on medication and this will increase over time. His owners have been fantastic, they will go to any length to ensure he has the best possible life.

Albie’s condition will not get better, but we can ease his pain and make his life more comfortable by medication and hydrotherapy. He loves life and to look at him you would think nothing was wrong, it is only on closer examination you can see his problems.

Albie will continue to need treatment and may need surgery to improve his quality of life, but we hope that will be in the very far future.

Albie is only one of several dogs that we are helping financially to improve their quality of life. In a perfect world, all our rescue dogs would be healthy, but sadly that is not the case, but rest assured that Lab Rescue will be there to help with whatever treatment is necessary, both for Albie and his friends.

So, please give whatever you can afford to help support our continuing work.



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